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Nizhoni Diosa Spirit

Intuition Crystal Candle

Intuition Crystal Candle

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Enhances Intuition | Calming | Spirit Connection

・ Amazonite ~ Amazonite can be used to develop a good relationship with Spirit. Amazonite is helpful for ascertaining the higher spiritual truth of any situation. Amazonite can assist in aligning your lifestyle with your ideals, bringing you closer to your truer self. Helps one to analyze and sort out information and combine this process with intuitive wisdom. It helps you to manifest and retain the pure energy of Universal Love.

・ Amethyst ~ Amethyst is a powerful stone for healing. It also aids in psychic awareness and helps with imagery. Well sleeping with Amethyst it helps you interpret dreams and ward off nightmares. Amethyst enhances intuition and inspiration, gives you clarity and insight, and is an excellent stone for meditation and relaxation. It also uplifts the spirit, bringing positivity and happiness to those in its presence.

Scented with Lavender & Garden Sage

─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


Consciously created with Earth's Elemental Magic, discover the Beauty of Mother Nature in Every item

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