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Nizhoni Diosa Spirit

Cancer Crystal Candle

Cancer Crystal Candle

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Cancer Crystal Candle
Handcrafted with Organic Soy Wax, infused with Red Jasper, Blue Calcite, Moonstone, Chamomile & Jasmine. Scented with Sea Salt Orchid
Element | Water
Planet Ruler | Moon
Red Jasper promotes grounding and encourages responsibility. As a sacral and root chakra stone it connects you to earth's warm and nourishing energies making it a great stone for the homebody Cancer to feel comforted, rooted and secure.
Blue Calcite is a stone of inspiration and can facilitate the “aha” experience one has been searching for. It promotes inner vision, clairvoyance, and telepathy and can act as a muse, easing the expression of creative energy.
The magic glow of Moonstone is a mesmerizing match for Cancer. This stone illuminates the truth and helps to deepen intuition and guide the way.
top ✦ floral, ocean rain
middle ✦ sea salt, green leaves
base ✦ amber, musk


Consciously created with Earth's Elemental Magic, discover the Beauty of Mother Nature in Every item

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