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Nizhoni Diosa Spirit

Leo Crystal Oil

Leo Crystal Oil

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☼ ✧ ♌︎ Leo Crystal Oil ♌︎ ✧ ☼

Handcrafted with Organic Jojoba Oil & Sweet Almond Oil, infused with Carnelian, Tigers Eye, Sunstone, Chamomile, Calendula. Scented with Cashmere Jasmine
Element | Fire
Planet Ruler | Sun 
Carnelian will enhance a Leo’s innate ability to be adventurous and experience joy. This fiery stone will ignite Leo’s sense of creativity and help him/her bring their self awareness.
The Tiger's Eye resonates the best with the sign Leo. This stone aligns with your energy and therefore not only enhances your energy but also keeps you in perspective when the fiery Leo comes roaring out!
Sunstone has been called the stone of enlightened leadership, making it ideal for Leos who are born to take charge. It enhances positive leadership traits that are in the Leo wheelhouse, such as charisma, openness, enthusiasm, brilliance, power, generosity, and loyalty. Sunstone pushes the reluctant to step into a role of greater responsibility. In the work setting, it bestows blessings and opportunities for advancement. Importantly, it encourages the use of power and authority to serve the highest good of all.


Consciously created with Earth's Elemental Magic, discover the Beauty of Mother Nature in Every item

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