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Nizhoni Diosa Spirit

The High Priestess Crystal Candle

The High Priestess Crystal Candle

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The High Priestess Crystal Candle 
 | Intuition | Manifestation | Divine Feminine |  
| 8 oz | 
Infused with Purple Tourmaline for Deep Serenity, Grounding, & Relaxation. Aligning with the Crown, Third Eye & Heart Chakra promoting deep Spiritual Connection & Guidance, A beautiful stone to have when mediating, promoting a deep zen mediation, with an open heart calling out to Spirit for Divine connection & guidance. The High Priestess card encourages us to tap into the wealth of power and insight we carry with us below the surface. She shows us how we are all have a direct link to the divine/spirit. Whatever we want to call it, it's there if we take the time to learn how to access it. Clear Quartz for double the energy, a beautiful companion to always have with you! A true Master Healer, the Universal Healer, aligning with the Crown, Third Eye & Heart Chakra raising vibrations & consciousnesses, connecting with the angelic realm, divine connection & protection. Infused with Hibiscus enhancing intuition, connected to feminine energy, Diosa Spirit! White Sea Lavender promoting purity, spirituality & beauty.
Scented with Peppermint promoting Concentration, Regeneration, Vibrancy
Eucalyptus promoting Balance, Grounding, Concentration


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